"What makes BONVIN FIDUCIARY unique is the technical expertise that we have developed and which has allowed us to earn the trust of our customers. We offer a dynamic model that combines analysis and innovation, guaranteeing the best skills and tools in the search for performance. Our mission: to accompany you in your multidimensional projects by advising you with care and by making your life easier."
Christophe Bonvin - CEO



A fiduciary company with high added value


Are you in charge of running a business?
Are you launching a start-up?
Do you manage your personal finances?


BONVIN FIDUCIARY can offer you a comprehensive and fully personalized service.
BONVIN FIDUCIARY focuses on the added value of its services.

Fully focused on our customers’ needs and strongly committed to strengthening our position as a leader in the area of fiduciary duty, we plan on stimulating our independent development and ensuring our growth by expanding our business beyond our original borders.

Convinced that continuity and the capability to ensure long-term competitiveness are closely linked, we pay special attention to our productivity, our ability to innovate and our human capital.

Fully committed alongside our customers, we are confident that our vision enables us to guarantee customized services of the highest quality.

Demand more from your fiduciary company®

Much more than an invitation, it’s the challenge that we are ready to meet each day.
We have placed our customers are at the centre of our reasoning from the outset. We are committed to providing an irreproachable service through a proactive attitude that allows us to anticipate the needs of each of our clients.
This distinctiveness has allowed us to build bonds of trust with our customers and commits us, lastingly, to excellence in the performance of each of our undertakings.


A company committed to its customers.

Our corporate culture is based on three core values: integrity, competence and dynamism.

As a leader in the fiduciary sector, these strengths allow us to guarantee our clients are offered the most relevant and effective solutions in a wide variety of sectors.


Professionals with recognized qualifications

We provide you with superior technical know-how in the fiduciary sector. From vocational diplomas to official qualifications and Master’s degrees, we are one of the very few fiduciary companies in Switzerland able to provide you with the following certified skilled professionals:

  • Tax experts
  • Accounting and control experts with federal degrees
  • Finance and accounting specialists with federal licenses
  • SVEB certified adult trainers
  • Holders of a Master’s of Business Administration – MBA
  • Holders of an Executive Master’s of Business Administration – EMBA

In addition, BONVIN FIDUCIARY is a member of FIDUCIAIRE SUISSE, an association of professionals in the fiduciary sector.


Strongly held values

  • Being an independent, private company and remaining that way
  • Being constantly up to date and aware of the latest developments in the profession
  • Listening to the needs of our customers
  • Capitalizing on the skills and commitment of our staff
  • Advocating leadership at all levels in the company
  • Offering innovative and effective ideas
  • Placing integrity, expertise and quality of service above all else
  • Simplifying the lives of our clients and enabling them to save money

A responsible environmental attitude

Every day, our employees are encouraged to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment. We therefore favour products and services that contribute to sustainable development and cover our energy needs with electricity 100% generated by hydropower.